Lucky son of a gun

Well almost everyday I got to 7 eleven. like always just a nother day. and i always get:

  • jones soda

  • cookies and cream candy bar

well out of pure magical luck i pulled the soda bottol out and i sa something that got my eye. i blinked and i cheack and sher it was. i switched the bottols then paid for it and ran home. i cheack on the internet if it was real and it is. also i took the extra mile walk back to 7 11 to see if they had more. sher a nuff i got the only one. and none in any other flavor and they didnt sell them at AMPM right a cross the street. so i am so lucky me being a soda bottol collector. I have desided not to open it eather.

ps. i for got to say what it is. ha i well tell ya its a BAM MAGERA cream soda signed in silver!!!.

here is 3 pictures of me and my sodie on my web cam!

(also they sell these on ebay for 7 bucks . some times more!)

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I hate Bam Margera. But that’s cool you found yourself a colectors item, nice job.

one of my friends had bam’s parents move next door to them about a half year ago. they say it’s pretty wild times.

wow. did he get to ever hang out with him

Cool stuff Vince! You cant really see it but i will take your word :smiley:

it’s a she, but no she hasn’t. the community’s not too thrilled they’ve moved in because it was quiet before and well, they’re obviously not.

i whould do anything to get this signed i mean like a black marker signed:)!!!

:frowning: i thot this was ganna get lots of views!

I have no idea what you are talking about :slight_smile: I guess having heard of that brand of Soda would help.

Jones soda makes Whoop As$ too lol.

I see now Vince, very cool!