here’s mine:

[swf=“http://www.connectgames.co.uk/Images/Misc/AnimAd.swf height=51 width=240”][/swf]

features tiny chat room, although I don’t claim any responsibility for damage to eyesite using it :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweetness, I like this one a lot, great job!


lol @ “28 is the coolest cool person ever” hahaha =)

I’m using DSL but it seems to load slow.
Nice job! :thumb:

thats amazing. how did you do that?

Great work indeed ! :phil:

oh my… supeeer!

i love that… mwaaahaaa haaa

*Originally posted by comicGeek *
**I’m using DSL but it seems to load slow.
Nice job! :thumb: **

I take it back. Now it works like a charm! Very nice! I even managed to flood it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Very cool indeed

heh heh thanks you guys :love:

clownstaples: both the chat and the shouts work in pretty much the same way, they use a bit of php that updates a text file with new messages. The shouts are limited to 5 messages and the chat is limited to something like 6 or 7 to keep the filesize down.
Hah! you think my footer is good, yours is awesome!!

Keep the shouts coming! :wink:

(tho I might have to put a bad word filter in, honestly some of you people :sigh: )