Mac os x and flash 6?


does anyone know whether or not Macromedia is thinking about releasing flash 6 that is native for mac os x cause right now I haven’t herd anything and since most people on this fourm seem to use pc it doesn’t concern most of the users anyway. If anyone has any information or a link to information it would be great cause I’m wondering if Macromedia is going to make the switch like Adobe has started to do. I really don’t see the problem with changing the programming to accompany os x because it really is much better then previous versions of the os that Apple has released. Again any information would be great!!!

Thanks alot


i haven’t heard anything conclusive. i have heard no shortage of *****ing about flash, both player and creator, on the mac platform.

if you want to half your costs and increase your performance, bite the bullet and switch to a pc. the differences that made macs a better multimedia development platform in the past simply no longer exist. what has survived however are the inflated prices, broad incompatability, narrow support, lack of java support, etc etc.

however, if you’re a true mac user, you will completely disregard the above paragraph. ; )

PC rawks! macs are pretty…but thats about it :slight_smile:

Hey Vts… you ever own a G4?..
Do not knock the Mac… or I’ll take a screen shot of the G4 with 24 aplications open and running, as well as a flawless dvd movie. That’s only ONE advantage of a G4 with OsX and a gig of memory. Add to that, Virtual PC, the Window’s emulation package, the top line voice recognition software, the dual on board processing power with a Open GL standard that surpasses the speed and smoothness of the Window’s system…There is little comparison. The New line of Mac computers rocks.
I have yet to give up my Windows machine, and probebly wont for a long time. There are still plenty of reasons to have one around, but until you’ve owned the G4 tower or Titanium, and played around with it seriously, you’ll never be able to say for sure that the Windows systems is any better than the Mac… or if you do you’re speaking out of arogance, or bias.

Though ultimately this does not answer the question. There will at least be an initial usage for 9.0, and all OsX packages come with a very very very sweet 9.0 emulation. Don’t worry about it… it will be ok. :wink:

Macs are not too bad. I have seen macs used before, and the applications created for them are very similar to those created for the PC. The iMac is primarily intended for families, but the G4s with the cool Flat Panel monitors are for designers, developers, and minor gaming enthusiasts.