Making a tape effect in PS

Does anyone know how to make a semi transparent scotch tape effect. Its like on Colins old footer. Thanks


hmm… don’t know about colin’s old footer… but I would say to make a shape, and use some layer styles, like perhaps a small shadow, some satin, drop the opacity down… I could play with it when I get home… shouldn’t be to hard…

Well, first make the shape of the strip of tap and make sure you add the teeth of to each end.

Color it in a light transparent yellow, add a 1 depth bevel and a small drop shadow and you have your tape :)!

Thanks for the advice but I can’t really explain how colin did it but it looked almost crinkled up. like that tape was old or put on kinda messy… u know what i mean? Thanks for the help everyone who posted.!

here is a good tutorial on an excellent site:

Great link dude :thumb: