Making Money as a Web Designer


I’ve been doing some design work for a little while just for fun or for friends for not much money. Now I’m considering taking out an ad in the local newspaper to try and make some extra money doing what I like. I do have a few questions though that I’m hoping some of you who are more experienced in the business can help me with.

  1. How do you handle hosting? Do you set the client up with a company or do you do some sort of reselling so that you can make some money off it? If so, who do you use?

  2. How do you handle contracts? Did you find a template, make up your own, or have someone help you?

  3. What do you do to keep your clients paying you down the road? Such as what type of extras or services do you do so the cash flow doesn’t stop after the initial design?

  4. I’m sure this will one will vary for each of you. How do you determine a fee? Do you strictly go by hourly? Or if you go by the overall project how do you determine the cost?

Thank you for any answers you provide! Like I mentioned, I’m looking to get into this line of work but I would prefer some advice from those of you who are already doing it.

Thank you!