Looking for a web designer...I think

This is an cool message board, I’m impressed by some of the websites I’ve seen just looking around. I am a beginner, but want to learn…I’m looking for someone that can make a easy to look at website for me until I can learn to do it myself. What should I expect to pay for somthing like that?

Hey HaulTrash, normally I would let the other advanced mods and such answer to you, since they can do some dominant web sites. But you said you wanted a simple site, and I can do that. I’ve been looking for a new website to do. You can view my site at www.someoneleet.com. As for the price, others around here would know more about this than I would, so hopefully someone would respond.


BTW: Hope I’m not out of place answering this instead of others that actually work for companies and stuff…

a professional should charge $50/hour or more.

a none professional could charge anything they wanted. Hell, sometimes I do things just for favors… and often for nothing. I’ll let others handle this though… got too much on my plate right now to be doing side projects.

Good luck with it.


You can charge whatever you feel confortable with. Go by how much work you will need to do on it and how much time you think it will take. Before you guestimate a price, find out what needs to be done.

I still don’t even have a flash site for myself, so I can’t take this up.

And who cares if you work for a company or not :stuck_out_tongue:

I would offer to create your site, but I am busy with other projects at the moment. www.livetoskateboard.com being one of them, and the other is a site for my friends band. However, if you need any minor help just e-mail me at [email protected]

Brad: Go for it! if you need any help let me know.

[size=1]i agree with all of this, even the pricing. I currently charge
$50-75/hr based on what it is the client needs and wants. I know
one thing, i’ve looked into some of the pricing that web design
firms charge, and i can undercut them any day!

Just to see…
I rec’d a quote from a company to do a 3 section 100% flash site,
logo creation, and hosting package for 1 yr @ $11,000.

I’d do all that for $500. :stuck_out_tongue:

Easy way to get clients too, if you can back it all up.


[size=1]nice site jubba!


Hey thanks for all your replies guys. I would love to start working on another site. I have a ton of new ideas after finishing SomeoneLeet. (Which by the way, I am going to try to redo soon.)

LOL $11,000 for a site? Not too shabby! I heard something about what 2a charges and I thought I remembered it at some ridiculous price. ($250,000?) UNFLUX, that is a great way to get clients. If I heard those ridiculous numbers, I’d come running to you!

Anyways, HaulTrash, if you are still interested I would love to hear from you and start gathering ideas. We can talk about pricing later. I’m pretty much open to any offer, as long as its reasonable.


Thanks for your thoughts and answers. I didnt mention that I was a small business. When I bid a trash hauling job, I try to get 50 -90 bucks an hour. I guess thats about what most services charge. I’m still tring to get through Kirua’s book…:slight_smile:


Wow, i should consider going into web site design. $50-$75 an hour, working in your own house, on a computer, and the only expenses you really have are like flash and an internet connection. Last time I checked some of you guys are making more per hour than some lawyers who are starting out.

I used to do web design for companies and individuals. The problem is not finding clients, it is finding people who will actually pay you once you are done. So I basically only do non-profit sites for organizations who probably can’t afford to get their site online. Living in a larger city does help - the pool of clients is larger.

Kirupa :rambo:

My wife said the lady that did her site has the same problem with people not paying. In my bussiness I have had only one bad check. I was so upset with them I wanted to dump a load of chicken manure in their driveway, but they moved out by the time I tried to cash the check. I wouldnt blame anyone for wanting money down.


Great job, brad! Looking very good, really.

And Jubba, you’re is very nice too. But there are a few things:
Do you really need to download a new background for each section? It’s kinda long, and after 2 of them, I doubt many people will have the strength to wait any longer…

Embed your font.

Your news box, it’s cool, but it would be perfect if you could scroll it down by pressing just once.

I hope you take this as “good” criticism, because that’s what it is. I really like your site. :cowboy:

pom :asian:

I would ask for money down first. Also if it is something you are doing professionally there should be some sort of agreement/contract signed before you start. That way your case can hold in a court of law :evil:

Ya people always want thsi great website but noboady wants to pay for them. Everyone thinks you should do it for free. I got tired of people asking for a website and then not paying so I now follow this procedure every time I do work.

When ever I do a contract now I provide a free mock-up of how there site could look and work. After that I don’t do any work until I see a thrid or half the money up front. I also have a contract stating the total cost plus the cost of doing up dates. I usally set the price per hour by what the can afford.

so at $50 bucks an hour what kind of site could you get for a couple hundred bucks? I hope better than the caca website I have now. Does most people have paypal accounts?

Ya I have a pay pal account and I wouldn’t charge 50 bucks an hour. The kind of site you wnat I would do at a low flat rate because it wouldn’t take long. And it would lokk profesonal

POM: Thanks, I actually have talked to the guy about the backgrounds and he wants a new one each time…The scroller will move like that eventually, I haven’t fixed the code yet.