Martha Stewart - Prison term: Too short? Too long?

After a few years or so of trials, interviews, etc. Martha Stewart was finally sentenced to 5 months in prison, and 5 months house arrest. Do you all think that this was fair?


What I think:
I would rather have her spend at least a year or two in prison. She did commit a crime by lying to authorities. While there are many normal people who go unpunished for securities fraud, this would have been a nice case to show an example about the perils of lying to authorities or scamming normal people out of their money by selling stocks using information you shouldn’t really have access to.

Here is a snippet of what she said after the case:

I’ll be back. I will be back.
Also, is 5 month of house arrest really that bad? I wouldn’t mind spending 5 months stuck at home…posting on the forums, watching tv, and not worrying about doing homework or studying for tests at a place that is far away from home!

Well I think it is great they actually got a prison sentence for her. I figured she would end up with a slap on the wrist. With that being said I’m sure she’s going to a very minimal security prison with many more luxuries than a max. security prison. She’ll be out before they even have a chance to make a stink about it in the press.

And the kind of house I’m sure she owns wouldn’t hurt to be stuck in for 5 months.

way too short, a few months back they said this kind of crime *should * be sentenced for at least 17 years.

Of course she should have gotten a longer sentence. And 5 months of house arrest!? She’s MARTHA FREAKIN’ STEWART! SHE LIVES FOR DECORATING AND HOME PROJECTS!? You think thats a PUNISHMENT!?!

That would be like sentencing me to play poker or HALO for 5 months! RIDICULOUS!

C’mon people. It’s not like she killed anyone. Also, it would be unfair to up the sentence just to set an example.

definitely agree. she doesn’t have a past. her actions didn’t really have an adverse affect on anyone else. you can’t just make an example out of someone.

and i don’t know where 17 years came from? remember, she’s wasn’t convicted of insider trading, but only lying to investigators. and insider trading punishments aren’t that strict anyhow.

she should have recieved the electric chair or gas chamber! :wink: I don’t know the law so I don’t really know the answer or care. I had 7 months of house arrest between jobs, I played games but after 1 month is wasn’t all that fun anymore being laid off.

imo, she got off easy. regular joeys get smashed for crimes like that while the rich, powerful & famous get slaps on the wrist. her attitude says it all. she doesn’t think she is a criminal. calls it a ‘misunderstanding’. serves her right! :pleased:

Well - to be fair, the stock broker who helped in this also got the same sentence as her :slight_smile:

Amen my brotha :to:

Bring in a couple of friends and that’s fun :P!

No but really - 5 months? In her house too…She could do anything she wants within her house. I don’t see how she’s being punished. So what if she can’t go outside…people could come to her no?

[size=1]I think she spooned with the judge. Whoops.[/size]

I think that this Political cartoon is still relavent, though it seems that some of the Bigger Fish will soon have their day too… though, i wonder if it will be another slap on the wrist for them, as well…

“You’re better off rich and guilty, than poor and innocent…” - Immortal Technique

It looks that that was the only fish small enough to haul in.

I think she should have gotten longer, mainly because her attitude about the hole thing. She thinks she did nothing wrong and that she is getting picked on. If she isnt going to face up to what she did i say give her 1-3 years in a tougher prison just for turning her nose up. She is entirely too arrogant and needs to learn her lesson.

what the hell… Martha made a very good descision… Turns out under the ****ty legal system, smart moves get you landed in jail… She just sold her **** to save some money…

Yeah - I agree. If she had simply come clean in the first place and apologized earlier, she wouldn’t have to go through this ordeal. Most ordinary people fess up to a crime like this when the SEC asks about it? She hoped that her clout will somehow insulate her from jail, and in hindsight, that was a bad move.

what the hell… Martha made a very good descision… Turns out under the ****ty legal system, smart moves get you landed in jail… She just sold her **** to save some money…

smart move…lol…her smart move landed her a 5 month prison sentence, i would call that far from it.