Masking DTF's

Hello there!

I’m kind’a new to fooling around with dynamic text fields, so please help me out here. Can it really be true that it’s NOT possible to mask a DTF!!! I’ve made a movieclip containing a DTF which I use to load external txt-files into. This MC is then tweened into position on mouseclick. Untill the user presses the button, the MC is “hidden” using a mask that covers the area where the text is suppossed to appear. My problem is that whenever I enable the mask, the text disappears completely!!! There’s no problem with the mask, I’ve used plenty of masks before and know how to make’em…Please help me!

Hmmm, I know if Flash MX you have to embed font outlines for that to work. I believe you have to use the Device Font option under your textbox properties in order for it to show. This is theory since I don’t have Flash 5, but I figured if it works it works, if not, then someone else can answer:)