Max dimensions for 1024X768?

this may be the wrong section for this thread but… I’ve been having difficulty getting my site (offline no hosting yet) to display properly. I have the dimensions of my overall design set at 778x599, trying to make it max horizontal for 800x600 viewers and then max vertical for 1024x768 viewers. I am not a coder so I use dreamweaver but everytime i put my content in i have about 1 or 2 extra pixels too many and I get a scroll bar on the window that i dont want. I design in PS, slice in Image Ready, and then put the content into Dreamweaver.

How do I get extra pixels off the bottom, all my images add up to 599 am i just stupid or is Dreamweaver putting in some extras? The site is setup to be viewed with the status bar.

I’m not at my home computer for a few more hours so I will wait till then to post a zip or rar of the site.

are you sure you have ‘<BODY bgcolor="#hxcolor" background=“bg.gif” leftmargin=“0” topmargin=“0” marginwidth=“0” marginheight=“0”>’ ?

got it nm thx all