Menu moving according to mouse position (edited title)

What I’m trying to do is the yugop menu, the one that goes bigger when your mouse goes up, goes left with the mouse and everything. I’ve seen the post in the Best of forum, but there’s a problem : I can’t make my menu continuous. Even if I put 10 menus side by side, there’s a point where the menu disappears.\rAnyone knows how to solve that ?\rI don’t get what Supra means by

make a movie that contains the menu items. name it menu. make a movie of a vertical line. center these movies over each other.
And now for the $1,000,000 question : is there a way to make so that when -let’s say- half a clip goes out of the screen, the missing half appears on the other side of the screen ?\r\rpom 0]

I’m almost there. pom 0]

ily,\r\ri think the approach in that demo will make what you’re trying to do more difficult.\r\rhere’s one where each item is independant from each other, rather than all contained in one movie. each movie contains all the buttons, one per frame. they’re sent to the proper frame on load. there’s an extra item on each side to create the wrapping effect. click in the movie to toggle the masks and see what i mean.\r\rthe lines (you see them when the mask is invisible) show visible threshold and wrapping threshold.\r\rthere are only three menu items, but the technique will serve any number.\r\r<EMBED src=“” quality=high bgcolor=#FFFFFF WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=50 TYPE=“application/x-shockwave-flash” PLUGINSPAGE=“”></EMBED>source\r\rit’s uncommented but straight forward. variabe “frame” is set in each movie and then referenced in an onClipEvent(load) to set the correct frame. this is a workaround as setting it directly was being overridden by the actions in frame 1. all the movies would end up at frame 4 except one (?). Flash weirdness.

Very nice movie. I have some questions though :\r1.What’s the use of the last layer, called “movies”, which is set up as a guide ?\r2.Where do you use the method init() ?\r3.In symbol 1 (the squares), why are there the actions gotoAndPlay(4) in the first frame and gotoAndPlay(2) in the last frame ?\rOther wise, it’s just great. Thanks again for that effect.\r\rpom 0]

  1. the guide layer has the movie of the square in it. since i’m attaching this movie from the library it doesn’t need to be on the scene. to make it easier to edit, i put it on the stage anyway, but on a guide layer so it won’t publish.\r\r2. init() is left over, whoops. everything it did is done in the attachMovie bit. should have deleted it but forgot.\r\r3. that’s to make them loop, so i can just say prevFrame() and the movie will loop around indefinitely.