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hello again,

thanks to all of you who have helped me before (lost, ryall, allen, kit) well i am back… i got this menu i would like to make and it looks pretty simple but to tell the truth i don’t know everything that it involves, like do i only have to motion tween and stop? I don’t think so…well let me stop going on and get to the point…here is an example of what MENU i want to make at

it is the number menu and when you rollover the number the title comes out to the right hand side and does this flicker like thing before it stops moving…

thanks in advance


Well it is built in Flash 5 so I am going to say that it uses basic tweens with tellTarget. A tutorial for that can be found on kirupas site under Flash 5. It is called “Advanced Roll Overs” or something of that sort. I can’t check it now because his site is down :frowning:

It does use tellTarget, but as of Flash MX, tellTarget has been deprecated (fazed out) so use this instead of tellTarget


<B>EDIT:</B> Wait, his site is up now. A link to the tutorial is here…

It applies the same principles, but remember what I told you about replacing tellTarget with. This will optimize your code and prepare you for when there is NO tellTarget at all.

ok…lost…you lost me, btw i am using flash MX so let me understand am i supposed to follow the tute since i have mx? but even before i get there…i still need help. i can put the numbers and THEN…??

I hope your good at disecting .fla files because I attached one that has everything I think you are trying to do.

I commented all the ActionScript to help you out. I figured it would be easier to show you than explain it.

If you have any questions, just ask.

lost you don’t know how wonderful you are!!

I guess I helped:) I am glad I could

uh…well i am not doing something right

it has got to be easier then i am making it, but to tell you the truth even with the last .fla you sent helping me with something else…i can never understand the MC part, like …how to handle it, do i create the mc and then delete it and then drag it to the stage from the library, if so then when…i seem to be wandering about aimlessly with all the info you gave me, sorry to be difficult but i think…let me spend a little time with the .fla first, i just get confused with the MC part and what to do…

Whats up?

i actually don’t know, ok so i make a button on one layer…first keyframe, then new layer…what do i do?

On the new layer is where you create your text. Then convert your text to a Movie Clip (F8, the select movie clip).

After that you go into your movie clip, drag the first keyframe to Frame 2. I put the last keyframe on Frame 10 I believe. Then I tweened them and added a stop() action on Frame 1 and 10.

On Frame 10, you need to click on your text and drag it to where you want it to stop.

There goes your text animation…now for triggering it

Assign these actions to your button…

on (rollOver){

This tells the movie to play frame 2 of your slideText clip (which is the motion tween out animation).

then add this after that…


This goes back and stops at Frame 1 (the blank frame) of your slideText movie. This makes it disappear when your mouse is not over the mouse.

oh man thanks for your reply, i am gonna go work with it and go to sleep…lost thanks soo much!!! for all of your help


No problem Storm:)

goo dto see you getting some help storm! I just ahd to say… even though I’ve seen it before, I really love that shadow cursor effect they use at that site. So simple, but I think it looks soooo good. Had to throw that out there - I love simple things that really grab your eye (ie lost’s footer! :stuck_out_tongue: ).


Thanks again Ryall:) I also like the mouse shadow effect. Even moreso, I like the pixelimp itself. I think it is simple, yet eye catching, very nifty.

maybe you could provide some insight for me on this… if you go to their site - then go to contact… if you move your mouse over the text fields you can see a “transparent” square appear only over the text boxes… why would this be so… the replace cursor MC works fine everywhere else, just curious.


I don’t see a “transparent” square. The onlything I get when I mouse over the text boxes is the standard “Text Edit” Cursor that is over any other type of textbox.

hey guys…i like the colors of that site too, but anyway i have not done my thing yet with the info you gave me…gonna go do it now…but Ryall you gotta give me your email addy…(check pm) got something for u :slight_smile: