Messenger service

Dose anyone get this pop up?

It is horrible :angry: it doesn’t go away and they go on top of everything even a screen saver and it runs not in IE6 so you don’t even need to be in the browser and i when to the site and they said that its only for windows 2000 me XP and the newer ones i think if they found how to stop it why cant i but i haven’t found anything so can anyone help me out


they said that miscrosft made it for spam ???

search the forums

It’s prob. just spyware. Dl this and you can kill all the spyware on your computer.

It’s actually a setting in windows you have to disable not spyware…the ad companies exploit this feature in windows…there are tons of sites on the internet that tell you how…its in the forums as well

were i cant find it

ok I am down like a clown charile brown i whent to a site and they told me how to stop it you have to go to control panel>> administrative tools then services then find a thing thats called messenger then stop that mofo

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well i need a good spyware programme too…i need to detect all the softwares wich can send my info to others, can u guys plz post a good link of any software wich u think mite help?

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I think ZoneAlarm watches everything and asks you if you want things to be sent and recieved from the internet.


Flasherjaz go to and search for “spybot” There is a free program that does a great job keeping you ad/spyware free. =) The full title of the program is Spybot Search and Destroy. :slight_smile:


Spybot Search and Destroy
Ad Aware
Spyware Guard

Spybot Search and Destroy kicks butt, but ad aware still catches some stuff Spybot doesn’t. I use a combo.

adaware is good for spyware