Micro text

I was just wondering, how can i get the micro unpixalized text in flash? is it a font or does have something to do with the program or actionscript?..if its a font, please tell me where i can find it…


Those are pixel fonts, and are developed to render well at those small sizes. Usually, they can’t be scaled - rather, they are almost always used as-is.

An old font trick in flash is to make sure the text field is located on an even x/y scale. (i.e. textField._y = 20 rather than textField._y = 20.3)

There are a ton of links at Flashkit. Check out the font section, and also the font links page.

Here’s just one artist who designs pixel fonts:


Good luck.

There’s a tutorial in flash MX/usability/Make it Legible! in this site…