i’ve found many mentions of working with text in flash, but none have really fixed my confusion/problems with it.

i’m creating an interactive cd that scales to fit the screen.

i’ve discovered with large text fields that i need to use “device fonts” to avoid the anti-aliasing effect that makes it difficult to read at small sizes. the problem is that choosing “device fonts” will not allow me to format the text block properly, and is inconsistant on wrapping (as the screen resolution changes, the text block changes size, even though the proportion hasn’t)

how do people make text on their flash sites look nice at 800x600 screens? am i missing something? is scaling my problem?

thanks all.

In the text panel there are a couple of buttons that let you embed the font outlines into the Flash project. Especially on a cd this is nice because it adds a bit of file size to the production… sometimes it’s impractical on the web… but for a cd that should be fine.

thank you. i’ve explored that . . . but the anti-aliasing makes the text too difficult to read. i want to outline AND turn aa-ing off. if this were html, i would not have a problem with the text size . . . but my layout doesn’t allow me to do a frames/hybrid version.

i think there is a way in code to use html features, incl. b/ and u/ . . . but would this allow me to use block formatting for my text? would it extend letters beyond my text box as I scale?

No antialiasing = pixel fonts ( http://www.miniml.com/ ), but they’re hard 2 use.
Also, i have a fla s’where allowing you to keep txt boxes a constant size, don’t remember where i got it from though…MX lets you do that!

thanks for directing me to miniml. nice site too.