Microsoft Image Composer, a version beyond 1.5?

Until I found, I thought I was the only one who used this program. I like it a lot, and I’ve been using it for almost 6 years, so I do not bother learning much Photoshop. I remember the program coming with either a FP 98 or 2000 cd. The version I have is 1.5, and I’ve always hoped for a newer version but never heard or been able to find one.

I’ve never used it.

I’ve never heard of it.

I know most people don’t know about it. It came with an old version of Microsoft FP, thats when FP wasn’t so popular so MIC didn’t get well known either. I know kirupa knows it! So I’ll wait for his reply, but there has to be at least someone else who has used the program.

No, unfortunately there is no version of Microsoft Image Composer beyond version 1.5. I still use that program everyday :slight_smile: I crop all of my pictures in MIC, and then copy it into Fireworks to export it!

I used that thing to do graphic art when i was a kid… couldn’t afford Photoshop… but i was a beta tester for microsoft, so i had that. Loved it. So easy to make animated gifs and quickly edit. things without having to launch a heavy prog… then Microsoft did that dumb Photodraw thing and i was like… naw. But i lost Image composer and wish i could get it again… ImageReady is ok… but its too heavy and takes a while to load up.

is that like photo draw by any chance?

cuz I remeber microsoft photo draw… which was extreamly cool. But then it died.

I think they took bits and pieces from it and scattered it into other apps now (like msn 8 has a bunch of stuff I reconise from photodraw)


person at work was talking about that the other day lol - it was used for technical drawings - huh - i vaguely remember it myself.

I bought PhotoDraw 2000 the day it came out! Most of its features became stuck in MS Office. Publisher and Visio have almost all of the PhotoDraw features somewhere there. The old MS LiquidMotion is also a part of Visio now :slight_smile:

Microsoft Image Composer is the one program I simply can’t live without. It’s very quick and does not take an hour to load hehe.

I don’t mind apps that take a while to load :slight_smile:

but I’ve never heard of it… I wish I could see a ss or a website or something

Well… don’t get me wrong… I drained every function I could out of Photo Draw… that and PictureIt! :slight_smile: Shoot… I was cloning by taking small feathered selections in picture it and pasting it all over to make it seamless. Those were the good old days… then I got photoshop and got the clone tool… But I learned how to do it the hard way which makes me gratefull for modern technology.:slight_smile:

I installed Microsoft Image Composer apparently successfully on a Windows 7 machine. However, when attempting to open it, the error message is server.dll is not loaded. I can however see that file in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Image Composer. Is there a fix for this?

Thanked in Advance…


Scott - can you try running with Windows 7 compatibility mode turned on? You can get there by right clicking on the “Image Composer” app, going to properties, and selecting the compatibility tab.


Who is this system character talking to himself?!

@krilnon can speak more to it, but it has to do with complications around importing some really REALLY old accounts from vBulletin.


The gist of it is that Discourse’s vB importer was pretty bad when we migrated kF, so I had to make a bunch of changes to it for it to work at all in a reasonable way. The way their staff operates means that unless one of their clients had a forum to migrate that’s similar to ours, the importer wouldn’t really work at all. It’d be possible to recover proper username attribution for these old posts, but it’d be a moderately significant development effort, unless Discourse has significantly improved their forum migration support since we did ours.