Paint Shop Pro. 7

I just started downloading Paint Shop Pro. 7, if anybody knows where there are some good tutorials for it or just have an opinion on the program please post…

hey crazylife,
I don’t know much about PSP 7. I use Microsoft Image Composer and Flash for my image editing needs. Some links I did find though:

Just search for paint shop pro tutorials in You’ll find the link :slight_smile:

downloading a demo right?

lol… if he don’t say, we can’t mess with him. :wink:

I like painter 6.0 myself… never tried psp7

oh no i was just curious… makin sure =]

i was curious because i dunno who makes it jasc or something? and i wanted to download a demo and try it if its good as well.

lol… sure sure… I know you stalk this board looking for crackers to pick on, you can’t fool me. :wink:

lol… if u only knew my shady past… u would retract that statement =]

no biggie… umm… so who makes it, i want to try it =[?


heh still cracking me up… ever heard of harvest? i worked with them a while ago… so i dont give a shnit bout cracking =]

roflmao… I know… I’m just making lite of our own rules. :slight_smile:

I’ve had my share of “liberated” software in the past… I just don’t promote that activity. :wink:

ha! if thats the case then i should prolly Format my computer.including my OS cause…umm…well yo know why :wink:

win 2k pro rocks =] too bad my comp came with 98 =[ cough cough

woohoo custom forum title =]

resident 3d guru =] i rock

hands everybody some cough syrup to prevent the coughing! Glad to see the title works mehoo :slight_smile:

I like Painter 7.0.
42 kind of watercolor brush style all very nice.(Painter6 only 7)

you can see those styles at here:…tid=478354

ewww… watercolors =[

im an airbrush or no-brush kinda guy.

Thanks for the links… but they won’t do me much good now. My motherboard and processor are shot. I am now posting from my Cisco class.

[ Kirupa:

Had to edit this info crazylife. You were alluding to a pirated piece of software, and under ezboard regulations should not be discussed in these forums. I have set guidelines in which people are not allowed to discuss cracks, warez, hacks, etc. on these forums. Hope you understand :slight_smile: ]

lol my bad… i thought everyone could be as discreet at it as me and upuat… ah well we’re forum pros i guess =] j/k sorry kirupa i stop now.

just bored sometimes.

Well I now know what iCme Hoo meant… demo… right… well I understand. Sorry about that.