Minimalist Homepage Site


I got a bit tired of some of the sites I’ve used as homepages in the past, so I had a shot at making my own.

The main problem with the “personalised homepages” I’ve found are that they tend to bombard me with information rather quickly until I turn into a quivering mess in the corner. The one I loved was the Firefox start page, although I couldn’t get to some of my other links with one click from that (you can probably see the influence)

This site is nothing special, just a simple, smooth, small, clean homepage, a bit like the firefox home. The difference is the little flash banner at the bottom, which can store links in a local xml file on your pc with a small icon based on the category. The maximum title length is 8 characters. You add and scroll through any number of links, or edit the xml manually should you prefer.

It’s mainly for my own personal use anyway, but feel free to tell me what you think about it or offer any critique.


cool but the fonts are a bit too small for my taste. hard to read at times.

it’s pretty nice.

shnazzy idea

poor fonts

Thats hot… i like it… market it !

Just got a new homepage :smiley: Thanks

Seems abit high up… maybe you should center it?

edit: Oh and instead of linking to the and the other ones, integrating the search for those into the homepage will make it that big nicer :smiley:

Just got a new homepage :smiley: Thanks

Seems abit high up… maybe you should center it?

Thanks for the points; I’ll integrate the image and video searches, good idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Incidentally, which fonts do you think would look better?

I’ve also fallen upon a sort of stumbling block regarding vertical centering of the main div. There must be a simple cross browser way to do this?

Don’t bother, it looks better in the top third then it would smack dab in the middle

Rule of 1/3’s my friends… the rule of 1/3’s

In which case maybe not in the middle, but a bit lower down would help.

I’ve made some of the changes you suggested, including integrating the image and video searches, as well as moving it down slightly.

I’ve also added the “Add Link” button to the end of the chain rather than at the beginning, and made the xml for it non-editable, so people don’t accidentally remove it and get stuck :sigh:

P.S. If you’ve used it already, you’ll need to either reset it (add link>>edit xml>> Reset all) or delete the “Add link” item from the beginning of the xml. (You’ll probably need to delete your browser cache first, since it only works with the new swf that I uploaded.)