Mobile GUI

There’s a huge hardware war going as far as mobile phones and devices, and how they look and function. Most, as I see, only focus on the hardware end of their phones, and not really focusing all to much on their GUI’s. I have an iphone, but even its gui is laggy and sometimes gets annoying. I’ve seen about the Palm Pre, and so far, it’s the only gui that actually looks somewhat flawless. There was also one video of a company that designs mobile guis, and had an awesome video on youtube, I’ll get the link later.

But am I wrong completely? I’ve been trying to find a good phone that has good hardware and awesome GUI, and actually makes it an experience. Are there any out there? I’ve used a lot of the new touch screen phones, but they dissapoint me more than the iphone.

(grr… I just wish you could customize the interface more on the iphone…)