More critique please\r\r\rok, go here, and click on Media in the menu at the top, and then click on the “video” button. Tell me what you think about the viewer, the videos, the transition on how the viewer loads in…go nutz…\r\r\rthanks in advance.

Jubba-\r I liked everything! It was all excellent. The only small thing I thought could be different was the loading of the background–but it was all very good, looks nice, clean, crisp, and pro-\r\rpj\r

The videos work great, everything’s set up very well.\r\rThe only problem is that it’s far from obvious where the main menu is. This is an old problem, but I’m not pointing it out until now because I’m a mysterious enigma that no one can comprehend. When most people go to the website their instinct will be to click on the white bird logo thing. Maybe you should have the menu start off open, hold it for a second or so and then close?

yep very nice looking Jub. I think live’s hit the nail on the head though! have the menu open and then close.\rJust a thought, I think it’d look well cool :slight_smile:


yea, when the site preloads, the menu will be open and then it will close as soon as the whole site is laoded, it will be extremely obvious…so not to worry. thanks for the comments.