More Drawings/paintings done digitaly

Got bored. so i made this completely in photshop.

I also painted this in painter today…

The color and texture is awesome… but I don’t get it…lol.

What is it supposed to be? :-\ :q:

i dunno. anything i suppose lol i made it randomly lol

A metal ninja warrior head with one red eye!!!


No No No Lost, it is a human heart. It is partly silver to show that the person is a very cold and unkind person. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ohhh, and the X means it is closed off from the world leaving it to get colder and colder right :slight_smile:

Exactly! :elderly:


That makes perfect sense!!! :o

another quickie in painter .

btw, i like that nija idea haha

That is totally awesome… but something about her head and her face is disproportionate.

Very cool though. I need to learn how to draw :stuck_out_tongue:

Or at least get a scanner so I can scan my drawings.

Or better yet… get a Wacom… which I want oh so badly.

oh lol this wasnt meant to be an accurate head. i was just messing around and thats how it came out haha :slight_smile:

Oh… well in that case… GREAT JOB!!!

Hey edwin, just call it manga art! :stuck_out_tongue:

then the head fits perfectly :slight_smile:

pen. wee!!

Creepy yet way cool :slight_smile:

i like the last one!

very nice chit edwin

i like the first one and that bs description by lost and leet are a good one for it