Most annoying, badly designed site ever

not mine, i stumbled upon on it on an altavista search. [i queried ‘diesel yorkdale’, i was looking for clothes at the nearest mall]

I can’t believe I actually scrolled halfway down before just closing it.


You don’t like my site?! :frowning:

[color=white]Obviously that was sarcasm… Or was it?[/color]<----

and i thot my flash site was bad:P

This wasn’t even designed…

I believe that fitted Diesel jeans are better than jeans hanging off ur ***
That the Honda Civic is the Greatest Car & always will be…
I believe that Palazzo is the greatest club…
That Hair was truly meant to be spiked with the help of Gel & Wax
Ginoz were the 1st ones to discover the glowstick and are the BEST soccer players ever…
and that ginoz were born on da earth 4 three reasons: 1)to club
2)to drive 3) to CHOP!!!

Ginas are mint and all the Ginos are my bros. I’m a solid diesel gino myself, and i did go to flight 2000, and i do go to ice castle, yes i do spike my hair which is as long as my glowsticks, and i do glowsicking with strings and without (old school freestyle), i wear diesel shirts that every gino has and tight flared pants that squeeze my balls, i do go to square one or yorkdale just to chill every day, yes i do have peircings in both ears, and i drive a Import, i date only ginas, and yes my mom does think im gay, and i don’t enjoy eminem or 2pac, i like zoe and emjay and the rest of freestyle & euro performers like remus and dj mangoo and i do enjoy trance and house.

I must admit I was following him for a bit, but he lost me at the Honda Civic being the best car ever… huh? What? Then the glowsticking thing…

rofl. That’s got to be one of the saddest displays of pre-pubescence I’ve ever seen.

Uhm wow.

Sad stuff. Not even Frontpage can spew out something THAT rotten… (no offense to Frontpage fans… if there are any)

That site was pretty bad. I couldn’t figure out a way to turn off the annoying music. I would have definitely spent more time there if I wasn’t forced to listen to that :cyclops:

the part about him being 17,and his favorite drink being vodka concerns me.

The second I saw that background I closed it. But ruski, it’s okay, we all know it’s yours. :lol:

didn’t hear any music luckily kirupa, you should go in firefox :smiley:

and that’s impressively bad, but if it had a powerpoint navigation… now that would have been bad :stuck_out_tongue:

the part about him being 17,and his favorite drink being vodka concerns me.

there’s also something wrong with that animated pattern…

Doesn’t he live in the UK?

the guy with the crappy site is from toronto

Doesn’t he live in the UK?

think so, but according to his poem:

Italian pride is my mind // Italian blood is my kind
he believe he’s italian or something…

** is it only me, or me computer slowing down when accessing that site? **

mine certainly slowed down quite a bit :wink:

must… type… through… siezure…

that’s sh!t but I’ve seen worse. Anything on for instance…:thumb:

this reminds me of strongbads website that he makes

doesnt seem to bad to me.:angel: