Motion Effect

Check this 19kb 3D movie below. How do i make the motion effect in this rotation? You know…it looks like shadows are following the “body”!

That looks like something made in Swift3D, or 3Dsmax with an swf plugin.…ation.html

the fla can be adapted to create whatever 3d object you want. you just have to define all the vertices and lines.

arrrghhh…i see any answers here! :slight_smile: )

it is made on swift3d, exported to swf and imported in flash. I saw many 3d movies with motion effect but i don’t seem to find the solution. Is it made in swift3d?

ok, then here is your answer.
model your object in 3ds max or any 3d modeling package that exports 3d objects into a format that swift3d can import.
open up swift3d. import the object. rotate the object on the Y axis 360 degrees. render.

i think he means wat i was talkin bout b4

wit the duplication of a mc to create that motion blur type effect also know as onion skining…

coding i got…
frame one …

loops = “0”;
blurs = “6”;

frame 2…
if (Number(loops)<Number(Number(blurs)+1)) {
duplicateMovieClip (“NAME OF THE CLIP”, “clip” add loops, loops);
setProperty (“clip” add loops, _alpha, 75-(loops*(50/blurs)));
loops = Number(loops) +1;

frame 3…

gotoAndPlay (2);

good luck, i like ur 3d animation