Movie - Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

If you guys saw the first one, you will probably find this one funny. Like the first one none of the plot makes a whole lot of sense. But it’s full of a ton of good actors. I mean a lot of them that you wouldn’t even guess would be in it.

The whole thing has a lot of “suggestive” content, that makes it funny for adults. Usually I wait to see these movies till they come to DVD, but my family couldn’t take my grandma to see terminator… she’s already scared of computers.

So like I was saying if you’ve seen the first one, almost all the actors in that one are in this one, but it’s not really much of a continuation. They basically made it start anew, so no reason to see the first one, although the first one is pretty funny.

Because the plot doesn’t really make sense it mostly goes off a lot of cheesy dialog. The 3d really helped the movie, and they use so much it blends really well.