MS Longhorn Prototype gallery

dont know if this link was posted, i saw an older post fromt he same site though

just my thoughts,

some one said about windows being the only os in india, didnt a linux company get a big contract there?
about the 3d stuff. you already do tha ith linux, and sun are doing ther own version, which is a whole desktop called project looking glass.
more proff that windows jus rips of everybody else

The colors on the phone thing are really cool…reminds me of this site a little bit hehe. Actually, the 3D interface has been in works since the mid/late 1990s. It was called Chrome Effects. I don’t think any other company was doing this 3d interface applicable to something as widely used as Windows at that time.

Here is an article from 1998 about it:

MS comes up with a lot of technologies on its own aslo, but other companies are able to bring it to market quicker because of their relatively low user base that is not comprised off non-educated computer users :slight_smile:

Wow, looks like a non-consistant and ugly version of OS X.

Microsoft wants to patent the double click
The stupid idiots didn’t even invent it.

I hate Microsoft. I hope IKEA (aren’t they richer than MS now, or something?) buys out Microsoft. But I don’t think a furnature company will buy Microsoft. :upset: Too bad, IKEA could make Windows look pretty without ripping some other design.

hehe - no, the story about the founder of Ikea being richer than BG were false :slight_smile: MS is currently worth: 309 Billion, and the only company that even come close to taking them over is GE - worth about 330 billion.

It’s only pre-release after all. The Chrome Effects was from 1997/1998. If I’m not mistaken, Apple’s OS X with their 3d-like features came out only recently.

um 309 < 330 :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Yeah - GE is worth about 30 billion more, so they are the only ones that could consider buying MS! So yes, 309 < 330.

oh that made me think that you mean they came close, but didn’t :wink: hm…

There were rumors of that in the early 90’s (when MS was a “small” company), but instead, GE allowed it’s NBC division to collaborate with MS and create a new network called MSNBC :slight_smile:

EDIT: I should have phrased your quoted sentence better. GE has not shown any interest in buying MS for a really really really really long time. They are the only company that can buy them outright because of the numbers I gave earlier.

[size=1]EDIT2: I got my numbers from [/size][size=1][/size][size=1] (symbols GE and MSFT)[/size]


I wonder if the fact that GE is 1 of the 8 company’s that make Nuclear bomb components has anything to do with it’s wealth.

It would have been a very prosperous time for them during the cold war….

Hell if they can make parts for a nuclear bomb they can make a fridge for me any day.

Or is there only 7 company’s that make THE bomb parts ?

I have no idea - GE is big in consumer appliances, airplane engines, lightbulbs!!, and capital services (whatever that means :)). They grew the most in the last 10 years, but they were a really big company for decades though.

What happened to “any furthur non-longhorn posts will be butchered, etc etc”?

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