(MT) new frontpage, check it out

MediaTemple just made a new front page, and replace that well known menu, i like the 3d, what do u guys think?

seems intersting, I guess I like it

I liked their previous frontpage a lot more.

I second voets.

It’s a bit to white empty spaces for me… Defananely a step down from what they had.

I might the be the only person on this board to not see their first one, so I cannot really compare.

I do however like their “new” look - very clean and well laid out. Although it isn’t exactly original, it does seem to fit the buisness and is easily accessible to anyone.

No you’re not. I like the new look too. Also I think they have a brilliant slogan, “Set your sites on us.” When the page loaded and I saw that Anti-Spam button I did a huge double take because I thought it said Anti-Sam (they’re a band from Northern Ireland). Overall it’s a nice site though. I like. Now if I could just afford server space…

I thought you meant Megatokyo… I need to go read those again…

Thank god they fixed that top nav bar. It was driving me crazy so I like this one better, they thought about usability, great!

I like the new layout. But then again I love anything that has nice 3d. even tho the models are simple. Very appealing make me want to host there. Then I see their prices and change my mind.

That 3D is just so…simple. I like it. Either way (mt) rocks :thumb:.

But that 3D thingy is so shiny. I just want to touch it. They tease us, we must get revenge :evil2:.

Errr…never mind.