Sitecritique - good or bad?

Hi everybody :slight_smile:
What do you think abou my site- its gonna be my portfolio site. Its my first flash site. The preloader isnt finished and the content of the portfolio site has to be inserted.
Im not sure about the dark style of the page.

Some tips? thx

I like the angled look. Nice idea. The site is great visually and I really like the bloke (you?) in the corner. I don’t think the site is too dark. It has a good colour scheme.
Some things I noticed:
->Your font either has no @ sign or it’s not embedded in the email address box on the kontakt page. It also has no capital letters which is a little annoying. The font is very nice aside from these problems.
->The first transition (on th infos page) is a bit choppy. THere might be too many things loading as it is happening. Maybe delayed it for a few seconds?
->The scrollbar on the kontakt page is out of context. Use the same one as the infos page.

Other than the things I’ve highlighted here your site is excellent for your first flash site. Keep up the good work.


yeah, ive noticed that maskloading problems- its probably to much. Would an actionscript based mask load better- run better?
I have to check the font things you noticed.
And yeah, i still have to find out how to make the scroll arrows from the info site on the input field on the contact site :slight_smile:

thanks for the tips and critique :slight_smile:

An actionscript based mask would probably be smoother. Unfortunately I’m not very actionscript savvy at the moment so I can’t really help you there. You could try and find a similar font with a complete set of letters and punctuation at or another font site. Everything else about the site is nice. I especially like the stars.

queeb, there’s ä’s and ü’s missing (for example in the word über), I’m guessing the font you used doesn’t have them. get a pixelfont and one that supporst all characters. otherwise good site, like the whole design.

the welcome text is there twice, but I’m guessing that’s cos you wanted to test the scrollbar. just thought I’d mention it.

ok, ireplaced the font- now its a pixelfont. the masking animation now runs smoother and looks 10 times better, ive changed the backround a bit- was imo to dark

thx for the tips

yeah, runs smoother now.
pixelfont is still a bit blurry, read kirupa’s tut on using them

agree with Gordon, the angle add to the experience.

i would change the rollover effect on the menu buttons…for something more…hmm sophisticated.

nice work!

I like the angle but it would be nice if I could straighten it out. I really dig the masking effect you have going on.

I’ve finished the site now- everything should be done now- thanks for the tips

How do you like it now?

Looks good. Funny thing is that I had a splash screen published about 7 months ago that looked exactly like this layout. So, obviously I like it.

The only thing I didn’t like is the stars in your portfolio, I know that you want it to flow w/ your site but they seem way to overbearing. Good job colors look real nice together, and everything seems to work well, interesting transitions as well.