Multiple Soulmates

Could be a can of worms I know, but do y’all think it’s possible to have more than ONE soulmate? Or do times/things change etc. Or do we take little pieces from many soulmates.

Just got a weird text message from someone which made me think.

that right there is the next tv sitcom I tell you.

LOL…yeah prolly :lol:

would it have aliens to?

canned laughter too no doubt

my boy, I think you’re on to something.

stop reading fairytales…and start checkin out the girl next door…

there are strange lights and shadows coming from her room though. Maybe I should investigate

Sometimes I wonder if just one soulmate exists. Multiples…?

I believe in multiple soul mates.

Me too. But that’s because I believe that everyone has one soul mate. And that there is a secret government organization that clones each and every person a random number of times >= 42 the moment they’re born. :alien:

No such thing as soul mate (in the sense of there being one special person for you). Lots of possibilities exist everywhere you go.

I agree with Jokun

Here is a question for ya…do atheists believe in soul mates?

The world has 6 GP (gigapersons), if you know you have one soulmate, you’re bound to have another you have yet to meet.

polygamy!!! haha j/k :smiley:


lol… i have a good friend who thinks every girlfriend he has EVER had is a soulmate. we make fun of him all of the time for that. :trout: