Mummy @ work

My coworkers and i had some wicked fun w/ a roll of TP…

check it out

~10 pictures.


wow, now I’m scared :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like an acid burn victim or something. Shoulda gone for the whole body wrap. :trout:

Ok you obviously have to much time at work don’t you? :wink:

Are you the one getting wrapped bv? :evil:

Reminds me of something I saw online some time ago. A guy left his buddy to house-sit for him for a week. When he got back his entire apartment was covered with aluminum foil. Even cd cases were opened. Wrapped in tinfoil and put back. Really everything in the whole place was covered… you guys should try that with TP.

Just don’t get it wet…

way to be over achievers in the office place…making your co-workers look bad…

hehe, i will sure try that ethan. @ kirupa, i’m the photographer, laughing really loudly. :wink: