Music screwing up preloader - urgent

I managed to succsesfully make a preloader whoo!!! been trying for ages but then the second I add music to play on a button click on frame 3 which it goes to whenn loading is finished, the laoder stops working and then when u view it it just spends ages loading with a blank screen and then when its fnsihed loading just goes stright to frame 3. I think I figured out that it was because in the linkage for the music I had “export in first frame” ticked but then when I untick it, the music doesnt work anymore :frowning:

Urgent help needed suposed to have finished this ages ago :*(

No I mean in the frame where do u place the buttons? on top of each other?

LOL, guess I needed some sleep:z:

Yep, if you want them at the same place:)


they can be anywhere in the same frame, it’s just calling them as there instance names, they could be on different layers so that it’s easier to see them both but it really doesn’t matter

like you’ve said, on top of each other:h:


Would it be possible to do

 if (playing=true) {
	playButton._visible = 0;
	pauseButton._visible = 1;
if (playing!=true) {
	playButton._visible = 1;
	pauseButton._visible = 0;

Yep, but then you have to check on some onEnterFrame…

btw it should read

 if (playing==true) {