MX is great, but what the hell is it?

what is mX and what does it stand for please?

It seems Macromedia is calling the new versions of its web authoring software “MX” So, Flash MX is just a nice way of saying Flash 6. If you look at Macromedia’s site ( You will se that they are going to be releasing a whole bunch of software with the MX title. ie Dreamweaver MX Fireworks MX etc…


Misunderstood Xylophone?

Seriously though, I’ve been throwing this around in my brain’s free time and the best serious answer I could think of is perhaps Multimedia Xtreme or Macromedia Xperience or something along those lines (which is totally dumb, but what else could it stand for…if anything).


MX generally means Maximum in terms of marketing… Flash Maximum?

could be…but if its Maximum, what are the going to call the next Flash that comes out? Flash MX*Infinity ?

I have a theory on this…

In the 20th century, people would slap the word “2000” on to everything to make them seem futuristic and cool. Now the year 2000 has come and we need a new buzzword to be futuristic and cool.

Principally because of the WWF’s attempts at global domination, the letter “X” became pretty buzzy.


Why “X”? Obviously, because it’s X-TREME!!!

Next in line, thanks to Windows ME, people seem to look at the letter “M” and think “2000” long before they’ll think “1000”.

By combining these hip and with it buzzwords, we have

Flash: 2010!!! (BOO-YAH!)

… even though it’s really the more pathetic sounding:

Flash: 1010 (… we’re so ashamed)

It’s sort of like advertising in the year 2002 that you’ve released the new “Acura 2003”, only more exaggerated and more annoying.

Alternately, it’s the anti-thesis of the Acura 2003. Whatever.

For the record, 1010 is not binary for 6. 110 is. 1010 is 10.

Actually, to come to think about it, maybe it’s a mathematical pun. 1010 = 10! (hilarious! … or something!)