My 3D site -- DANS3DSHOWCASE -- I need feedback!

Hey, I need some feedback on the site that I have just started. If you can give me some ideas that would be great!

is there supposed to be nothing on the Darkside…? and the lightside didn’t open anything…the entrance is kool. might want to make something that moves on the opening though…can’t really give opinions…life’s to short to judge things.

What are you talking about, “the dark side doesn’t do anything”?? You have to click the launch site button and wait for a little bit. I guess my preloader got messed up, thanks for notifying me! :slight_smile:

i waited for like 5 minutes. i went to the bathroom while i waited and nothing was up…i’ll try again later.

4:19 am EST :: still nothing on the darkside. sorry bro

ok the preloader works. But…always a but. you should put a bar or something there to tell people how much is left to load. I didn’t wait, i get really impatient. Just put a read-out that says wut the percent is that is left, or how much is loaded…something like that…then i’ll let ya know wut i think of the content.

Sorry, I am stupid and I can’t figure out how to make a bar preloader!

Nice stuff quicksilver. Great design, but I guess the 2.4 mb are a little bit too much for those who don’t have cable or DSL. why don’t you try to break it in small pieces ???
I’m waiting for the tutorial section impatiently.

pom 0]

If you do a little research, you can easily find a bar preloader tutorial. Check There’s one there somewhere. You REALLY should have a bar or percent loader if you have a whopping 2.4 MB swf file!

looks good, but you’re going to have to cut it down for people to view it. Ultrashock had an award winning 3d intro and it was like a minute long …won awards…but it was not as large as your file.