My first all-Flash/SWF presentation (High School)

Well, after two years of learning Flash and Actionscript, I was able to “sew” this presentation which didn’t not rely on any other “base/foundation” software like Powerpoint. It impressed the class and we nearly got a perfect score (I think you’ll see why). There were obviously flaws, but with constricted time, I couldn’t polish it perfectly as much as I could’ve. The major one was probably the “image pan” in Narrative Techniques, thankfully, the class thought this was on purpose.

Image Pan:

I was not responsible for the character/story section and the “Narrative techniques” did not require any standalone information. The file is quite large since I used numerous graphics.

Unzip the file and start up: Heart of Darkness idp.swf

Anyways, thanks to this site for helping me get this far, I’ll no doubt create far better flash works in the future. Also, do you know any sites where I can upload files up to 10MB?