My first hack at it... is it worth scrapping?

ok… i had just started workin gwith flash not more than two weeks when i did this… had no clue about how i was gonna fit it into a site… but did it as an intro… well i scrapped it. and the site i have is located at my footer which i have posted for critic also… anyhoo… (btw i like to do “…” because i talk like that due to a speech thing) i the character you see is kinda my mascot of sort… modeled him out of fimo first… then i swift3d v3’d him. he’s supposed to be choppy… based off of lego guys i played with so much as a kid. but he’s not the best… and the intro makes no sense… at least to me… but it is kinda flashy so let me know if i should scrap it or slavage it…

i think its pretty cool, definately can be used for something

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Same here.

Duh :sigh:



:lol: Quit following me!!! :huh:

yeah… stupid yahoo… i really wasn’t expecting that much traffic, but i just got hosting so i’ll see if i can transfer it. i don’t want to shell out space for a site i don’t know i wanna go ahead with yet
i think its at too

It’s pretty funky. I like it. Some nice movements going on there. One thing I’d do is make the little gut walk a bit faster so the letters don’t take so long. Other than that it’s really good. Although I don’t really like the blue of ‘UBERMEDIA’.


Maybe you could make the frame rate a bit higher, seems to run a bit slow atm. Might have more impact if it’s sped up a bit :slight_smile: