Soon will be better! Look plz! Thanx a lot!

Is it just the intro or did I mis something?

Its that it?

only the intro?

i think it needs more creativity there, not justa bunch of arrows and text poping in and out, but its still cool.

Is that all there is ?

well, it is certainly fast-paced

Since it appears to be only the intro, I’ll just comment on that. It’s a good start. I like some of the fast paced motion, but it seemed a bit much. Maybe simplify it, boil down the really good pieces. What really stuck out was you loop. I strongly recomment a cleaner point to end on in your loop. Listen to where it ends/begins. You could try a fade in/fade out. There are a couple of programs I use for audio clipping. I really like the controls on GoldWave.

Good luck,

its only intro :) its not bad, but is that all? Are you gonna make a site?

So you are latvian? Very intresting language, all the words are similar to lithuanian words, but the words has the difefrent meanings, very funny =) =) =) =)

Thanx for Your comments! About loop speed I have a very slow
proc and on mine it’s look normal! I just newbie in flash!