PLease comment!

How to improve this?

well I liked it - it kind of chugged just a bit on my machine ( it’s a good one too )

but I really can’t give you any kind of advice because I have no idea what’s going to be on the site. The intro really didnt match the colours and feel of the design that followed. Now I am not sure if that’s going to be your scheme when you get your site up - but it just didnt flow right now.

Either way though, I like the intro - kind of interesting :slight_smile:

any other ideas???

Thought the intro was cool, but i agree with sureshot the page afterwards is not of the same scheme. I was unsure about the logo thing looked abit rough compaered to the other graphics on the site, maybe try some different effects on it rather than asilohette. But overall looks like it could begood and different when it done

i suggest increase the frame speed

I think the frame speed is fine.
Good graphics…
Ummmm yea, ya kinda shift gears too harsh.
I would start by working with a different colour scheme matching the intro colours.