My First REAL Image Design

i was fooling around and came up with this, nothing much, but it looks pretty cool, or i think so at least!


i am making another image for my site, but i wanna have links ON the image, how do i do this? I am using PS7 by the way!


image maps

i dont have a cgi bin…

you could use an imagemap but i’d say slice it up and read a tutorial on switching from ps7 to image ready so you can change the rollover states. just look it up in google


I find that fireworks mx is really cool for doing what you are trying to do if you can get your hands on it. Oh yeah and I think you should antialias the text a little bit. If you want honest opinions…I think the image could use a little jazzing up…Try this:

Find a nice big panoramic image like of a beach or something… Then give it a real big gaussian blur (so that you cannt recoginze what it was)…U should already notice it looks similar to a gradient. 2. The give it a strong motion blur to the left or right (to soften the image) 3. Then do a an adjustment…hue…and play with the saturation and settings. (You should have a pretty nice gradient looking abstract at this point). 4. Then duplicate the layer and play with that layers blend mode. I find luminosity to be cool but find one to suit your needs. That will make your text and image seem more interesting…right now it looks kinda dead in the water…I find gradients by themselves to be boring this day in age (most of the time). Let me know if you need a more indepth tutorial…this one was kinda weak but…hey

how do i anti-alis? well anyway, i took your adive and this is kinda what it came out to be, I LOVE IT! Right a tut on substuting gradiants or something for Kirupa. Lost and Eilose are making a PS section of the site so they might be able to add it, i already added mine =)!

thanks a bunch



Hey there,

I thought your second version was improved a fair bit, it’s nice to have some additional colours and gradient blends to act as a background for your image.


Uth :nerd:

One could also EASILY put links in a picture via Flash. :slight_smile:

Fireworks is good too.

i never thought of flash. but see i want to be able to make sure the have flash. like this cat did IDEE FREAK

by the way i made another new image. =) no clue how i did it but i did.


you can also put links on an image in dreamweaver with image maps.

it’s very easy. Just bring the image (or images if you have cut it up) into dreamweaver. Click on the image and in your Properties Pannel you will notice a bunch of options for drawing. Choose the square or the circle or whatever shape you want to make and just draw ontop of your image. This will be an active Hyperlink and will not ad and colours or outlines to your pic.

Hope that helps.

input please on ‘me2’.


me2 is good. I can’t come up with a good grunge image to save my life…haha, which is weird because grunge is about as unstructured as possible.

hahaha! lost this was by accident too! see i had to do an interview for a school so i was all dressed up, so i posed like a weather man for a pic…so i went to and got a local map that i was going to use to put behind me. well the extract tool didnt do exactly what i wanted cause i had never used it, so i did it like a quick mask. so in the end of the filter it ended up making it like all ‘rough’ on the edges. so i brought the map in…scaled it to size on the screen (i sized it to the whole screen. oh by the way, after i imported the pic onto the new doc.,i difference clouded it).so after all that i put difference clouds on the map too. i changed the layer blend to color blend and vola. it looks cool w/burn too. i have been playing around ALOT w/it. i think it is a big step for me! :beam:


Sorry Man I never posted a reply to the substituting for gradients. But your latter image was much better with image swap (instead of gradient). Doing your navigation in flash would be an excellent idea (instead of mapped images). I am thinking of writing a tut on how to make better gradients without using gradients…you think peeps would be interested? This technique has produced astounding results for me…I am trying to work on the grunge thing I jsu cannot produce anything cool…by the way me2 is very cool.

thanks for the great comments! deff do a tut! i think ppl would love it! and we can get our PS7 section. well off do do another tut. i feel bored.

Instead of a ps7 section…I think we could do a imaging section or something generic…Because I know some cool tricks with fireworks mx and PSP7…Do people still use paint shop pro…I know i do

Oh mdipi if you use this technique…I would blur the image allot higher than you did in your example…Because I can tell it is a sunset…unless that is what you wanted. It works better when u cannot tell what it was.:cowboy: