My first 'real' site

Well, I just have the site for testing things, at the moment, loading external swf’s. This is my first full flash site. It’s a beginning, so there isn’t much to see yet.

Well well well…where have we seen the snow before? :slight_smile:


Dull, and whats with the reflections under the buttons? They don’t need to be there.

The snow effects nice but not sure about the strobe lights! and you really could do something with the color scheme!

even though ur site is small but it does feel live at the first page(on the pop-up).:slight_smile:
if u still wanna keep those strobe lights, please use the ingredient tool, u need to speed up that snow effect.
impressive for a first flash site

It’s pretty good for a first site…
Ma kerel, wtf is er met je oog gebeurd ?!?! :pirate: :h:

tnx for your replies!


ongelukje bij het oversteken, :trout: , valt nu wel weer mee gelukkig :crazy:

Ow scheiss… Das gelik ook nie echt leuk :huh:
I feel sorry for you :hangover:
Best dat het alweer beter gaat :thumb:
En site is ook goed hoor, keep it up :smirk:

tnx :slight_smile:

ouchy, what happened in the hospital photos?