My logo

tell me what you think of this logo generally.

I’d say… good, BUT.

Maybe thin the huge black borders, AND, loose the thin black border on the inner figure :slight_smile:

But good :slight_smile:

Don’t know what it means though.

Looks like a mix between “Lucky” from Lucky Charms and Sherlock Holmes.

Are you glued to that purple?

sup with the flower?

even if you keep the flower , i m pretty sure you would lose it when the logo is decreased in size…

i like the whole emblem / badge concept its a nice idea… i’d say your siloutte (side profile) of that dude needs to be smoothed out, i mean lips are that cut straight… i know that you can simplify logos and shapes but why im saying it is because you have a rounded shape in the hat, so why not continue it to the character.

im with Coolidge on this one , are you glued to that purple? . and also agree with eilsoe’s points…

Keep at it though, a bit of work it will turn out a nice logo… :slight_smile:

a bit too elaborate i think - but the overrall idea is good…

it’s cool- it reminds me that HBO series “Band of brothers”, when the Germans soldiers would climb the trees to get the Adlewiese (SP?) from the top and wear them as badges. :beard: it’s cool like this smilie