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Excelent Idea!:stuck_out_tongue:
It will be at 15+ that you get a rank of Yoda. Mabye even a little victory animation will play. 10- 14 will still be Jedi Satr Fighter.

sounds great:)

:bandit: :ninja:

I think we should consider that Yoda even though he got it before you changed the ranking system.

Yes I think so too. I was going to do the changes last night but I got busy doing some Photoshop work. Sorry about that. I will try to get the changes done tonight. I don’t know how you get such Hign scores Syko. The best I have got is 12 and that was after trying very hard for a while.

The more tie fighters appear the more you kill.
Sometimes I have to wait for another one to appear for several seconds but sometimes there are like 2-4 tie fighters at once… so I think you just need to be lucky :slight_smile:

oh cooooool! I got 19!!! :slight_smile: :ninja: :slight_smile:

16 Oh Ya!
Looks like the force is with me:P