My new Footer

I added a game to my footer. It isn’t much but it only took me around 45 min to complete. Two problems though:

  1. Some Tie Fighters won’t dissaper after ther are clicked

  2. My text seems to go jaged after you return to the title screen

Any thoughts or comments on the Footer or the problems would be great!:stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know about the Tie fighter dissapearing thingy but I sure know what’s the problem with the text!
press “Esc” and then right-click the movie and choose quality-high
I see that you have put an action to make the quality low when somebody starts playing.
solution: Make an action to make the quality high when the “Esc” is pressed :slight_smile:

Duh!!! I can’t belive I forgot about that. This code is from another click and shoot game I was making and let it slip by. Thnxs allot.=)

I now added a Rank Feature to the game. Try to become a Jedi Star Fighter!!!

I became a Jedi Star Figher. Is that the highest ranking? I included the screenshot as an attachment. I killed 12 Tie Fighters.

You bet! How many trys did it take?

Here is the ranking system:

0 = C-3PO ( because he sucks)
1,2 = Primative Ewok
3,4 = Padawan Learner
5,6,7 = Star Fighter
8,9 = Star Commander
10+ = Jedi Star Fighter

Sorry that the text cut off on the rank screen. I will fix that right away. I must have moved it last time I made changes and not noticed.

PS. Thanxs for playing

Funny enough, I was first “Primitive Ewok” and then I got “Jedi Star Fighter”. It took me 2 tries. I was determined that second time. DETERMINED!

I hope people enjoy it. It is the first game I have ever made. I plan to make a bigger expanded game for online play.

It is very good. Congrats=)

Hey sintax321,
The footer is really nice, and the game is quite addictive. I have yet to get past 5 kills, and that has nothing whatsoever to do with my lack of hand eye coordination lol =) J/k, the game is really great and fun.

Kirupa :rambo:

Oh yeah, master of you all! 11 and I’m a Jedi. Pretty good for only seeing one StarWars movie huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

You are not my master. I am a Jedi Star Fighter with 12 kills.


Thanxs for the great comments. I hoped people would enjoy it. So far lostinbeta has top score (even over me). If you get a big score just take a screen shot and post it. I also noticed that on some moniters the rank screen cut off so I fixed that. I also took the star field out on the rank screen so it is easyer to read.

Enjoy and Thanxs.=)

hehe! 14 kills with the first try! :slight_smile:
Master of ya’ll …or sumthin’ =)

Hey, wheres the proof buddy…haha

I have a screenshot of my 12:P

He’s got a point Syko. I’m sure you wouldn’t lie about it (because what would be the point) but until we have visual proof we can’t take you as the highest score. It wouldn’t be fare. If you have a screen shot post it and you will be awarded top score and recive all the prase and glory that comes with the title.


I don’t think he would lie about it either:)



A new champ to beat:)

Yep There is the Proof we needed. Congatulations!!!=)

I might have to make another Rank class any thoughts on what it could be?