My new Forums

Well, heres the new forums for my friends Skateboarding website. I like some people to go here and register, maybe post a little just so I can make sure its working properly.

Tell me what you think about the color scheme. Requiem is supposed to be kind of dark so I need to include some blood like colors somewhere. I just hope the owner doesn’t give me the “BLACK AND RED” thing again, cuz I’ll kill him.

You can post in any forum, just not in Forum FAQ, cuz only admin is allowed to post there…

let me know what you think…


While you’re there check out the real website.

and then go vote for me in the SOTW forum! :):stuck_out_tongue: :rambo: :ninja: :cowboy: :hat:

EDIT: I used the forums from to create this and i think that it came out great. Big props to the people there for all of their hard work…


Awesome forum. I like the colors :slight_smile:

yeah, its really cool!


Thanks guys. I appreciate the comments. I would also like some more opinions before I actualy finalize everything. I have a lot more to do, but I have to finish this site today really all I have to do is put in the ambience and sound effects. Shouldn’t be too bad…right? I hope…

Eventually I am going to be creating a Requiem Website V.2.0 I have decided that since this guy isn’t actually paying me, that I am just going to create a few different styled sites for Requiem as side projects and I will use them to add to my portfolio.

Ok, I’m off to class. Thanks again for those that already posted, and thanks in advance to anyone else who decides to be cool and post :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm…i guess i will be cool and post. i dunno maybe its just me, but haven’t you been working on this site forever? i somehow remember you presented the initial layout like 5 months ago…? maybe i somehow travelled into the future in some dreams and saw it…wierder things have happened. anyways good work on the site and forum! :nerd:

the buttons clash with the colors…

Mpidi: Yeah I’m working on the colors of the buttons.

Don: Yes i Have been working on this website for over 5 months now, but thats only because this guy isn’t paying me, so its just ongoing continuous work. I’m taking my time. I have actually just started work on a Version 2.0 for Requiem Skateboards. This other site that I’m doing will be done within the next week or two because they are paying me.

jubba, i like the intergration with the grunge! lol where did you get those fonts? i love cool fonts!:beam:

Call me…Font Man!