My new site, comments & suggestions pls


I like it the only thing that doesnt seem to be working for me is the mp3 player it plays the song but no controls work at all.

i dont the colors much

the font-fix it

the nav//buttons–theyre annoying…its too ‘in your face’

I think you should work on blending the content window into the webpage background. Seems a bit to abrupt of a transitions now.

The MP3 players doesn’t work for me either and the text is barely readable.

I like som of the transitions you have and could be nice when it all flows.

Thanks guys, the mp3 thing works fine with me. Is it possible browser issues?

I have IE6 on PC.

I have the same thing, hmmm I’ll look into it.

Yeah I have IE6 as well dont know why it wouldnt work though if that is what you have.

the header looks too busy for my taste. mp3 player only works for me if i drag the red line. ie6.

Thanks guys, I’ll try to figure it out tomorrow. I appreciated

Where to start:


  1. Splash screen is to busy and too dirty, the Enter font is very ugly as well. Ugly Doom lookin font doesn’t work either. What’s the thing in the upper right corner?

  2. Again, MP3 player has loooots of font issues, I see it’s a MP3 player from flashstar, you may want to look for a different one that isn’t branded if you can’t throw one together yourself. I also wouldn’t put it in the banner.

  3. Hmmm… banner is really messy the left and right don’t match up at all. The text on the right even disappears in places.

  4. Buttons are a little to bold and don’t flow w/ the site. Font is to big inside of them should’t touch the borders.

  5. Contact form is to generic.

  6. The transition sound doesn’t make sense, maybe take it out. It’s way to high techy.

  7. Body copy fonts sizes between pages aren’t consistant, they vary in size.

  8. Scroll arrows are a nice, concept but they don’t really fit. A flat version triangle or something would work better.

  9. Why is your bg on norepeat? At higher resolutions it shows the horrid grey bg which doens’t work w/ your site.

  10. Did you win those awards or did you just post the banners there? (notice the golden web award ppl, what’d I say about that one :wink: )


  1. Colors are nice and usable.

  2. Logo is nice, although I think it’s just a stock font, but the G is sexy. Don’t like the bevel on it though.

  3. Transitions are nice.

IMO this is a very rough start and needs lots of touching up, more importantly it needs to be themed better and flow much better.

Thanks simplistik, got a lot of input from you. Yes I won the award, I didn’t just put the banner in there.

And I also know that the award doesn’t mean much. I personally don’t think the award worth anything.

Thank you so much guys, I’ll work on it more and try to fix some things. I appreciated ^^

Hey jenesaisquoi where’d you get your name from ?

from a friend of mine, her email address was jenesaisquoi. I thought that’s an interesting name, so i used it.