My portfolio site...chugging for some reason

Hey guys this is my portfolio site:

For some reason, the boxes fading in and out seem really sluggish to me. They weren’t sluggish in my fla at all and I even used shape hints and have a preloader on all of them. If anyone can address this issue that would be great.

That aside, tell me what you think of the rest of the site as well!

the animations there do seem a bit slow. maybe using AS instead of shape tweens would help. your pixel font for your menu needs to be on whole pixels. i’m wondering what those things next to your logo in the top right have to do with anything.

i like the navigation with each section.

the animations there do seem a bit slow

Hmm, I have it at 30 fps, do you mean they fade in and out slow overall? or you do notice a slight pause? I noticed a slight pause before but I think I might have fixed that issue so can you check it out again please?

I thought I did have my pixel fonts on whole numbers, I will double check that.

Those things are pomegranates :slight_smile: kind of a cultural symbol for me, I just like them. lol.

I figured out the font thing, it just doesn’t look good at 10px. It is ok at 12, and even better at 16px.

If I’m not mistaking, you collected that font from right? Anyway, it’s a pixel font - so it should be in a size of 8, 16, 24 etc… Or else it will look blurry. If your text is a MC, the font must be aligned to a whole number in the MC as well as on the main stage. You probably knew this, just thought I should mention it (kind of just-in-case).
The only place I could see any blurry txt was on the “enter-site” thing though.

Aside from fonts, I like your very simple design:)

the animations just seem a tad choppy. but they’re not too bad. you could keep them as they are and most people wouldn’t notice… it looks like you fixed your pixel font in the web section, but not in the other sections.

yeah I will have to fix the fonts in the other section.

I just don’t get why they are choppy, the animations. Is there something I can do different than a simple shape tween and having shape hints?

the more and more i look at it, i think the tweens are good enough. i think it’s just that i don’t like solid grey. such is life. don’t worry about the tweens, they’re good.