Portfolio Site

Hello! Just looking for some feedback on my portfolio site. I’m looking for overall design, UI, and functional critiques. Thanks in advance…



Overall, I like it! I really like the colors, and the transitions! Good Job! :thumb:

Some better rollOvers wouldn’t hurt… your transitions seem a little too slow or choppy, you know what I mean? Other than that I don’t see anything wrong with it maybe a more readable font.

Welcome to the forums. :beer:

Edit: The transition’s move smoother the second time around, not completely smooth but better. Overall, good job.

the navigation-try to make it stand out more, maybe increase the font size or color

Overall I like it. I think the naivation can be punched up a little like color said.

There is something that is bugging me about the colors though. I think it’s that you use alot of that flat sort of gold color and style which gives me a printed material kind of feel and then the reds seems to have a metallic style which for me conflicts.

P.S. I’m extremly jealous you got to build a site with Justin in it.

Wizard, are you using a Mac? I find that I get choppy and slow transitions on OS X some of the time. I think it’s because it’s all actionscript and no tweening, and for Macromedia’s OS X flash playe sucks… On my PC it runs smooth but like I said, I get mixed response on my Mac.

No, I’m not. I’m not sure why that happened but like I said: The transition’s move smoother once they’re in my cache.

i don’t like the javascript that resizes my window. i like everything else. transitions were fine for me.

i bet the transitions will be smoother if you get rid of this part of your HTML code:

<param name="wmode" value="transparent" />

and this:


It looks a bit like http://www.cubancouncil.com/, especially your name on the thumbs in the portfolio. The fonts are also quite similar to those used at Cuban Council.