My site thingy

hey…i have a site up and has all my experiment type things on it…im also open source so if u see anything you like I will try to get it to you.

I dont have a domian name…cant aford one at the moment hehe ok so heres my site

Please tell me what you think… :slight_smile:

Hey Bezzer [SIZE=1]you don’t want to know what your name means in French…[/SIZE]
Nice site! Clean design, nice colors, everything’s cool. And there are some very interesting experiments (the bubble thing doesn’t work right by the way: the bubbles disappear before they have reached the top of the screen) (I love Information highway, where can I download it?).

pom :asian:

because of restricted space on my web server (10MB) if you want anything I will upload it and then give u the adress…i have to say though that my experiments arn’t properly comented and stuff like that so if u get stuck just tell me hehe

its pretty basic but it gives a good effect :slight_smile:

tell me wot my name means in french hehe :slight_smile:

oh and the bubles disapearing before they reach the top is when the “pop” :wink: i could easily fix it though.

hehe cya :slight_smile:

I send you a PM…

very cool site - I liked your experiments. One thing the picture that you describe in the gallery never appeared for me. One more thing too, I didnt see in you links section! =)
Well done.


Yeah i used to focus more on 3d/2d graphics but now i’m doing flash stuff more. My 3d pics are gonna go up some time but im trying to think of a way to minimize file size…im on dial-up so i dont like my site being very big.

Oh and i’ll add to my links :slight_smile:

hrmmm forgot to include my email [email protected]
i dunno i can only hope :slight_smile:

Hehe i dont think i have much of a chance… oh well theres allways something next week…hehe something like that

ur site is nice. organization is great

Thank you for all your coments :slight_smile:

Awesome site. i love the clean look and the experiments are hot. Great job all round. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much :slight_smile: I try…my sites not really an eye candy though, which most of the sotw’s are…really all i was looking for is a place to show off my experiments and stuff like that… hehe oh well :slight_smile: