My site

okay i got some of my site up

it took me a while to get it up. i’m trying to get a message board up. included topics will be about politics, crime, girls, movies… yuk, yuk… stuff. but i hope it can further discussion on some topics. anyone know a good free message board?

give me feedback on the site and tell everyone!

Hey nxp,
Your site looks cool, but I can’t read a thing on there :frowning: I couldn’t even find the little arrow that takes me to the main site. You need to make the font something that everyone has (you are using a font that I don’t have at least) or embed the font. If you are using one of the fonts from miniml you may need to embed the font’s outline so everyone can view it.

I think an Enter button instead of a tiny arrow may also help :slight_smile:

Kirupa :rambo:

I agree - I can’t see a thing… even when I smoosh my face to my monitor.

I smooshed my face to the monitor also…Instead of finding the arrow I got my monitor dirty…


Yah… mine didn’t get dirty though because I wash my face regularly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wash? You mean like civilized people? Hah! I’m too busy with Flash to wash!


Sorry guys. I screwed up the font. I know.

Lately I’ve been working on the intro for… finished it a couple of days ago and just been looking around. I just got 3dsmax4 and i’ll try to get antoher site up soon. - will be up on July 20th.

i’ll be working on a new site 2morrow and will hopefully get it up by next week. thanks for visiting everybody. appreciate it.

oh btw, the message board is messed. something is up and i don’t know. well, konflict i think is looking for some irev models i thinl… i’m not sure… so if you’re living in the 604 area. email me @ [email protected] and maybe i can give u some more details i’m not sure. otherwise you could read it in the messageboard.

Ummm is there any point saying “requires flash 6 player” if that message is in a flash 6 .swf? I have flash 5 in Opera and all it says when you right click is “Movie not loaded” ie. u cant see that message.