My style check

hi, heres my forum style so far.

only the “home” button is finished. but the general look is done.

the only problem is its 20k. and not even finished yet.

anyone know how to make the file size smaller?

nice one

give me fla, and i’ll see what i can do to make it lil’ bit smaller :smiley:

thanks, but i doesnt matter now. i just realised that its 8k.

thanks again.


looks like i didnt take to much time while making it? how do you meen?

you meen it looks like i rushed it in 5 minutes?

[edit] oh, ‘t3rminator’ deleted the post.


sorry cartoonfox, I didn’t read your post… you only finished the first button.

lol, np :smiley:

ok, here is the finished header

what do you all think?

nice :slight_smile: maybe a background?..

hmmm…maybe, but what? :smiley:

i want to keep it simplistic. i’ll have a try.


pretty nifty! I like it - but I think I will stay with teh seXeh style I have already

and why is it I get that icky friggin’ little “media” icon… meaning I don’t have the flash player installed :m:

I DO have it… **** IE…

thats because you have to right click then save as. Windows doesn’t regognize it because kforum stores attachments like so:

instead of

anoying isn’t it?


which is odd, because SOMETIMES, it works… :-\

It’s not only Windows… Mac tries to save the **** attachment.php FILE!

too simple i’d say…toomuch missing there

hey dont ask me what, it’s you style :stuck_out_tongue: