My try at a 3ds max model

ermm well i was extreamly bored and still am but ne ways i decided to keep trying with the modeling.

right now if i can just have your attention for 2 secs so i can get u in the right frame of mind for the image.

deep american narator voice
The year is 1720 all forms of life have been destroyed after the war of 1616, but in the one house that survied the bombardment of the nuclear shells there is but one bathroom, filled with radoactive toxins there manages to survive but one…


lol…wtf, you have the imagination that good artists are made of. You could be onto something, but you model needs more geometry to tighten up some of the curves. I think you should ride the idea out.

Hahaha that looks pretty sweet to me man

funny… :rabbit:
that is a scream… I was once looking for a coffee mug in the shape of a toilet bowl… never found it…
desire is that box modeled or organic…?

box mate, i just extruded bits here and there moved a few of them dot things (vertex’s? or summit) and then slaped on a mesh smooth.

Doesn’t look too comfy.

sweet job man - looks like it would bite my butt though hahaha -

I agree with DDD

I would test ride it…

ooh… there are two flush handles…

for those “big deposits”…

pretty nice, put some cool material on it to make it look more real

And save the jpeg a little sharper.

Hehe, in the year 1720…lmfao. I guess this is on some world with human-like creatures or something? Haha…and yeah, 2 flush handles, lol.

Man that looks like an awsome toilet!