My uni project

Although not much on at the moment, content wise, this is my university project (an online portfolio).\r\rAny constructive criticism would be welcomed greatly :slight_smile: \r\rThe site is

Hey sam,\rI think the site looks nice. You could provide a little skip link that allows people the option of skipping the cool intro. Any intro that takes longer than 10 seconds should have a skip feature. The site looks pretty futuristic. Have you considered adding some images like the cool image you have on your splash page? With some very minor improvements, your site will be even better than it is now!\r\rCheers,\rKirupa

Thanks for taking time to look at my site, I appreciate the comments you have made.\r\rThe reason for my intro being so long is that it is a project based on time…everything in the site well be themed around this.\r\rAs well as it being my university project it is also a site that prospective employees are looking at and I agree that there should be a skip button on it :slight_smile: \r\rHave you seen any sites that ‘Hi-res’ ( have produced…such as [url=“”] …Mind blowing stuff!\r\rThanks again\r\rSam