Napster - A Dream Faraway

lol yeh phil I agree…

Those were the days :beam: Ahh well all good things must come to the end, for a while anyway… :evil:

  • Soul :goatee:

Philman… thanks for the warm fuzzy trip down memory lane… although it is not so much in the past - first there was Napster, then Audio Galaxy… after both were felled, now there is Kazaa - the sun rises again… :sigh:


I hear ya Phil…

Ryall, yes there is kazza and all the other apps that run of the gnutella network.

The difference is, you can now get in big shiznit for distributing mass copyrighted material from a p2p network.

Kids are now getting expelled from colleges for using such programs.

Its no longer the 1999-2000 pipedream phil is refering to.

Fester & Philman… well put, and oh soo true… the pipe dream is over :frowning:


i like download whatever song comes to mind off kazaa without even thinking… but when i think of it, isnt just wrong?..

just a thought…


Oh man guys, i remember Napster - what a great program. But I - unlike you Phil, was unable to have a Cable modem so I would que up like 10 songs over night and let 2 or 3 download at a time at like 2.5k a second. I can still remember the thrill of waking up and seeing all of them downloaded - but I can still remember the awful feeling of my connection dropping in the middle of the night and not getting any songs.

■■■■ - those really were the days. :slight_smile:

<:} <:} <:}

hahaha… good stuff…

I remember it was in its hayday during my first year in college… I downloaded something like 2000 mp3s my freshman year - gotta love being hooked up to the schools fiber optic system in the dorms :stuck_out_tongue:

Truthfully though I owned albums from 90% of all the groups I got mp3s for - I dont feel bad, and if any of the artists saw my CD buying habbits and loyalty to the artists I dont think they’d have a problem with me downloading anything I wanted (although I think Metallica might - bastards :sigh:)


Once I learn P2P coding ( gettin some P2P book for XMas, dont know what one :evil: ) Ill make Obster :o… kinda like Lobster, but Obster, heh… and let, oh-so-famous era continue :evil: